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Duvalin Candy

Candy is something that is universally liked by people young and old and these delectables make the perfect addition at events and parties of all kinds. It’s why many people buy candy in bulk and are always on the lookout for companies that offer good discounts.

If you are a retailer and stock candies of various kinds at your gas station, super market or corner grocery store, you must surely want to know where you can get the best candy at the most reasonable pricing. There are candies of many varieties and candy manufacturing companies consistently launch new and novel varieties too.

However, there are certain brands and types of candy that have managed to be very popular for a very long time and Duvalin Candy is one such brand. This company manufactures many different types of candy such as Duvalin Bi Sabor, Duvalin Hazelnut and Vanilla. These are delectable hazelnut & vanilla flavored candy cream. In terms of consistency, it’s very much like pudding and kids just love this particular candy.

The perfect candy

Duvalin Candy
is a product of Mexico and is its answer to Nutella. This candy is essentially a frosting packet and is available in 2 combination flavours- strawberry-vanilla and hazelnut-vanilla. All through the 80’s and the 90’s, its slogan in Mexican was -- “No lo cambio por nada”. This translates into- “I don’t change for nothing”. Frosting is definitely a mood pick-up and many people will end up eating it in large quantities when they are feeling sad.

Many people find this the perfect candy to have at their kids’ birthday parties- the gooey and heavenly hazelnut cream sits right next to gooey vanilla cream and you have to eat this heavenly frosting with a spoon. If you are looking to buy Duvalin Candy in large quantities, it’s a good idea to check online stores like Four Seasons Candy.

Buy candy online

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