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When people want to buy Lemonhead Candy in bulk, they wonder where they would be able to get the best deals. These candies are extremely popular and kids really love the interesting shape and tangy flavor. In fact, adults like this sour candy as much as kids do.

A bit of Lemonhead Candy history

• The Lemonhead brand was introduced way back in 1962
• It’s a product of the Ferrara Candy Company
• This candy is produced using the cold-panned process that was used to produce Ferrara Candy Company’s Red Hots, in the same year
• Sometime between the 1980s & the late 1990s, the company brought all their fruit-flavored candies under this consistent naming convention: The Lemonheads, Grapeheads (that were formerly Alexander the Grape), and Cherryheads (that were previously Cherry Chan/Cherry Clan) and the Appleheads (previously Johnny Apple Treats).

Lemonhead facts

• This candy is round in shape and consists of a sweet coated candy with lemon-flavored sour shell that has a hard candy core.
• These old time candies are sweet and sour and have an irresistible lemon flavor
• The candies are wrapped individually and this helps retain their flavor & freshness.
• They have a very unique flavor that transitions from sweet to sour & then back to sweet which sends your taste buds into raptures.
• Typically, these candies are sold in a standard 1cm size. However, there is also a 3cm, single-sale version too.
• Theater-sized boxes are the perfect addition to events, parties goodie bags, and can be added to gift baskets. They can also be resold at a concession in ball parks at movie theaters, carnivals & school functions.
• Today, Ferrara makes 500 million Lemonheads each year, which goes to show exactly how popular this candy is.

The other candies off the Lemonheads line are:

• The original applehead
• The original cherryhead
• The original grapehead

And some more candies from the line:

• Chewy Lemonheads Flavor Fusers
• Chewy Lemonheads and Friends
• Chewy Lemonheads Fruit Mix
• Chewy Lemonheads Tropical
• Lemonhead Gummies

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