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100 Grand Candy Bar

If you walk into any candy store, you will find a huge variety of candies to choose from. There will be various flavors, colors, shapes and sizes of candies and the range can be truly mind-boggling.

About the 100 Grand Candy Bar

Despite all the new launches in the market, there are certain classic candies like the 100 Grand Candy Bar that are always in high demand. This is truly a classic product manufactured by Nestle in the U.S. It’s a delicious combination of caramel, chocolate and crisped rice. This bar has a slogan that states- “That’s Rich”.

This delicious and hugely popular candy bar had been introduced way back in 1966 and at that point of time, it was called the 100 Grand Candy Bar. It was only in 1985 that the name was changed to "100 Grand" bar. The packaging mentions that it has:

  • Chewy caramel & milk chocolate
  • With crispy crunchies
  • Has 30% less fat than other leading brands

The 100 Grand Candy Bar comes in a box that has 36 full-size units. These bars are also available in fun size packaging that’s excellent as a travel snack, perfect for stocking stuffers and ideal for party prizes or as lunch box snacks. It’s a great idea to buy these online at Four Seasons Candy. Take look at how you benefit when you buy these through our online store:

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